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Grants for Ministries with Young PeopleGlobal Youth Service Fund, and Racial Ethnic Local Church Concerns grants are available for ministry projects that are for, by, and with young people around the world. Grants for Ministries with Young People and Global Youth Service Fund applications are due each JUNE 1 for funding to begin the following year. Racial Ethnic Local Church Concerns applications are due September 1. For further information or assistance on Grants for Ministries with Young People and Global Youth Service Fund, please contact the Grants Administrator at For further information or assistance on Racial Ethnic Local Church Concerns, please contact
Grants for Ministries with Young People

Young People’s Ministries recognizes that young people have incredible dreams for the world that are realized in the way young people live out their ministries. However, sometimes these dreams are more difficult to make a reality because funding is limited. The purpose of these grants is to fund dynamic, creative, innovative approaches to ministries for, with, and by young people that can serve as model programs for other organizations throughout the connection. The grants are available to local churches, affiliated organizations, campus ministries, districts, annual conferences, provisional conferences, jurisdictional conferences, and central conferences of The United Methodist Church.
Global Youth Service Fund

All of the funding available from the Youth Service Fund is contributed by youth in order to support other youth in ministry around the world. For every donation made – anywhere in the world – 30% is sent to Young People’s Ministries to create the Global Youth Service Fund. Each Annual Conference in The United Methodist Church is responsible for distributing the remaining 70%, and applicants can contact their conference office to learn how to apply for this portion.
Any organization, whether or not it is United Methodist, can apply for a Global Youth Service Fund grant, as long as the project involves youth in all aspects of the ministry.

Racial Reconciliation Grant

This grant hopes to ignite inspiration among United Methodist young people with a passion for racial justice to take action in their church, community and the world. The grant will provide seed money to bring ideas to life, and spread those ideas across the church, impacting a world that tends to be reactionary rather than proactively loving. The $2,500 grant will be awarded on a rolling, monthly basis with the first deadline being October 15, 2017. We will continue to have monthly review and distribution until all $65,000 has been distributed.

Racial Ethnic Local Church Concerns Grant

The purpose of the Discipleship Ministries Racial Ethnic Local Church Grants (RELCC) is to provide funding to strengthen the ethnic local church through leadership training, small groups, worship, stewardship and spiritual formation as they engage in developing disciple making systems inside the church walls as well as in the local community. Priority is given to new programs and ministries that move churches to places where disciples are formed, grow and make new disciples of Jesus Christ who will transform the world.